Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Audrene & Good Job Maira!

It's Audrene's 4th birthday today. 4 years ago today I push push and out came 4kg-Audrene ;). Here's a picture of her taken last week after her ballet class (which she enjoys very much!).

Something wonderful also happened late last night... Maira turned by herself!! I woke up and saw her lying on her tummy.. Great job, Maira. She's turning 4 months in 5 days. Here's a picture of Maira taken during Hari Raya (Oct 2008).

I have two little angels... I'm blessed...

2 squiggles:

Aleza said...

hehehe yeaayyyyy!

happy bday lil audrene and goody joob maira!


Anonymous said...

shepett and tembamm mairaa~~ chomell

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