Saturday, December 20, 2008

I've Been Robbed!

Crap! For the first time ever - after using the cleaning services for 2.5 years - I have been robbed!!! Geramnya!!

What was stolen? My double star neclace that I bought from H&M during my trip to Hamburg last year. The pretty neclace was on my coffee table. I forgot to keep it after Audrene borrowed it and now its gone :(

Tak pe lah, now I know that I have to be EXTRA careful. It must be the one yang cakap banyak tu. Asyik dok kata "saya tak tipu, saya tak tipu" in every sentence... Urgh... memang tipulah!

I hope I won't get the thief as a cleaner again. It is usually these 2 ladies - S&A - but that particular week there was a mix-up in their roster that the agency had to send 2 different ladies. Sorang was bl***y slow (45 minutes in my bathroom.. and senyap aje... buat apa tu??) and the other was this chatterbox. Hmmh...

I am not going to be grumpy about this. It's the weekend and I plan to fill it with happy stuff. So I must, I must, I must go and exercise... I am in need of the endorphin rush! That will be later this afternoon. Now, I am going back to settling in front of my not-at-all canggih TV and watch my all-time favourite series - Friends - while baca story book!

4 squiggles:

Aleza said...

omg serious kee???

siot je!!

Shaz said...

must be sbb it was on d table before.. pastu no where to be seen :(

Anonymous said...

x wat check b4 they leave?

Shaz said...

tak check.. :(

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