Monday, March 23, 2009

Fever :(

This afternoon while attending a meeting, I received a call from my daughters' nursery. I will always panic when I see the nursery calling. Mesti one of the girls not well. This time Baby Maira demam rupanya. This is the first time Maira falls sick for no specific reason. She has had fever before but only because of the jabs. Lucky I was at the Damansara office so once the meeting ended at about 4.30pm, I rushed home to pick up Daddy who was already waiting and we immediately picked up the girls. Then off we went to see the kids' dr at DSH.

After a thorough check-up, Adik demam and sakit tekak rupanya. No wonder she didn't eat and drink well. She is usually a big eater, menjerit-jerit nak food cepat but today the nursery girls said Maira took only a little bit of solid. Kesian dia :(

Now after taking her meds, Maira looks ok and she has had 2 rounds of milk. She's even crawling now and has started shrieking at Audrene. Nak ajak main. Hope she'll be a-ok by tomorrow. No fun when the kids are sick kan?

Ooooh btw, now I know where Wondermilk is. Sheeesh am so out-dated. I always read about how good the cupcakes are but never knew where to get them. Now I know where it is and it's quite nearby - at Damansara Uptown area. I'm definitely going there this weekend. Ehem.. ehem...Adik nak ikut? ;p

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