Monday, March 16, 2009

Sudah Merangkak!

Hey hey hey my darling teddy bear @ Baby Maira has started crawling yesterday!! So now she can go to wherever she wants to go. Just now she crawled to my mom because she wanted to be carried and then she crawled to Audrene's in-house vehicle (hehe.. Audrene's little pink tut-tut). Teringin sgt nak naik tu. And right now, she's right next to me, nak tolong type jugak :p

Here are both of my darlings, pix taken a few minutes ago. Both tak tido lagi... Haiyo! Check out kakak dengan bottle filled with her favourite susu coklat panas.

This pix was taken during the weekend while they were goofing around.

Oooh this weekend is the Disney Princess Wishes weekend and Audrene is very excited already. She has picked up her outfit to wear to the show and of course it's her pink Princess dress.

Eh.. Audrene is giving Daddy a massage.. Not fair! Mummy nak jugak! Chao everyone!

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