Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meeting Friends

Took Audrene out for dinner with some friends last night. They brought their kiddos too and hmmm they were mostly girls. So apa lagi, of course Audrene tersangat seronok. Play, play and play!

We went to Marche at The Curve. I didn't eat that much. It's buffet night every Tuesday but last night was their last buffet. Like always, the food were good but I was too busy chatting that I forgot all about food.

Here's a pic of the kiddies last night... Yup, ada a set of twins!

Immediate bonding with my old old friend Ja's daughter - Aafreen. Ja, btw, is my friend who named Audrene. She just had her 3rd baby and she named her Adelea... macam Audrene (Audrene's full name is Audrene Adelia).

Didn't bring Maira cos she was not well. Actually she's still sick right now. Brought her to the dr's again today. Hopefully she'll be ok in a day or 2. Sian dia :(

2 squiggles:

intheocean said...

how long is ja in kl for?

Miss S said...

1 week je.

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