Saturday, March 21, 2009

Princessy Day

My mom and I had fun when we took Audrene to the Disney Princess Wishes show today. The show was much more enjoyable for me than the one I went to last year cos most of the characters and songs were my all-time favourite. Audrene, of course, was excited beyond words that she refused to pose for pictures AND refused to buy any merchandise (unbelievable but phew!!). Her jaw also dropped at some parts during the show. Seriously ternganga! Couldn't believe that the Princesses she usually watch on her laptop (her movie cartoons are all uploaded in her lappie) were dancing "live" right in front of her eyes. I, on the other hand, was amused as well as speechless by her reaction.

However, later in the evening, she overcame her excitement and started calling her aunts and uncle to tell them about her Princessy afternoon. She then told me that we HAVE to go again la Mummy... Have to bring Aunty Mai.. Nanti Aunty Mai nangis. Nantia dia marah Mummy... How?? Oooo tactic nak pegi lagi.. Sorry la darling, not this round. Probably in the next season and with Baby Maira pulak :)

Here's one shot that I managed to get of my sweetheart. Pakai tiara of course.. Dia pun princess jugak ;)

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Aleza said...

siap telephone lagi semua ckp dia g tgk princess heehee. :D

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