Friday, March 27, 2009

Vietnamese Lunch

Went Vietnamese for lunch today - at Bong Sen KLCC. Food was ok but the wait was soooooo long. Definitely not coming back on a Friday. Too busy. Probably better service during other weekdays.

Zee's lunch. Some cold dish. She didn't really like it.

Mine - beef ball egg noodle. The serving was just nice for me. I like!

Appetizers.. yummm!

Update on Baby Maira - phew, she has totally recovered :) She's all bouncy and happy like usual and I'm so so glad. It's really hard when the kids are sick. I can't stand the worrying part. What I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna keep on breastfeeding Maira cos I know this could help prevent her from falling sick.

Owh... am so sleepy already...*big yawn*.. I'd better join Maira who is tucked in bed gleefully. Audrene, of course, is at her grandparents and Daddy's not back yet. I foresee a very busy weekend for me. Lotsa stuff to settle eg kenduri, taylor, cobbler, shopping (for essentials only), entertaining the girls, masak (ayo), laundry (hate this), etc, etc.

So goodnite everyone and have a great weekend!

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Aleza said...

ur beef ball looks delicious yummyy :D

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