Thursday, March 5, 2009

Relaxing Massage

Today is one of the few days that I managed to escape from the heavy traffic. The road was so clear that I could catch my 7pm massage appointment at the Urban Retreat. For a few weeks I have been making and breaking appointments so today I am so happy I made it. Tonight I am going to bed stress free. My body feels light. My muscle is relaxed. Weee!

To those who have not been to Urban Retreat at The Curve, I totally recommend this place. There is a variety of packages to choose from. My favourites are their aromatherapy body massage and foot massage. They even have massages for preggie mommies. Price is reasonable and the tea they serve is so so good. Sometimes I think I go there more for the tea. Oh yah, another good point is the therapists are not chatty so I can enjoy my hour there peacefully :)

Now I look forward to tomorrow cos I think I'll wake up light and cheery. Goodnight everyone. Unsterilised bottles are calling me ;p

2 squiggles:

dikwirina said...

hurrah for 'un-chatty' therapists!
and hairdressers too ;)

Miss S said...

yeap.. malas nak layan d chatty ones. kita nak relax2 terpaksa jadi therapist pulak :p

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