Sunday, March 8, 2009


Audrene requested to go to the Zoo as her reward for being a good girl last week. I think the last time we went to the Zoo was when she was 1+ (cos she couldn't speak properly then. I remember her saying bye bye yee-yaff at the giraffes when we wanted to leave). She did go to the zoo with her nursery friends last year and after that whenever we asked her if she wanted to go to the zoo she'd proudly reply.. tak nak.. saya dah pegi dengan saya punya friends :)

Audrene said she wanted to go to the zoo yesterday because dah lama tak tengok elephants. Unfortunately the outing was cut short because of the heavy downpour but luckily there was the tram service so we could still tour the entire Zoo in the rain. Quite fun basah-basah. Maira pun suka!

Audrene and Adik

With her favourite bird.. the flamingoes

Goodnite... tido time :)

p/s.. both Audrene and Daddy are out, and Baby's sleeping.. Yay! Mummy can read and eat chocolate sorang-sorang ;p

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