Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

It's Earth Hour and I'm doing all I can to support this noble cause. Can't go pitch black at home cos my two darlings will be terrified but I have switched off most lights. Only 2 are switched on right now.

Besides turning off non-essential lights at home, I've also done my bit to promote Earth Hour in the office. Throughout these past 2 weeks, whenever my colleagues switch on their computers in the morning, they will see a pop-up message which mostly consists of tips on energy-saving as well as reminders to "go green" - recycle, recycle, recycle! From this internal campaign, I learnt that energy saving bulbs can last up to 10 times more than the normal bulbs and using screen savers on your computers actually consumes more energy. So everyone, turn off your computer or at least the monitor whenever it is not in use.

Ooooh today I did something which I have never done before - shopped online! I know I am sooooooo outdated. I have never felt comfortable buying through the net but today I did it! I've overcame my fear! Hurray! Hey, just realised - shopping online also helps in saving the environment. Less driving, less smoke!

Alright people. Have a great Earth Hour. I see that a number of couples planned for romantic candlelight dinner. Very creative! I like!

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Aleza said...

we turned off the lights too! save the earth :D

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