Saturday, April 18, 2009

At The Ward Today

Here are photos of Maira at the ward today. Mula2 muka serious and then excited to see the grandparents, aunt and big sister :)

I am keeping my fingers crossed. I hope dr will discharge her tomorrow cos I really wanna go home. She looks ok now, and I think her lungs have improved. The playroom at the hospital is closed so Maira has no place to play and crawl. Dia teramatlah bosan so Mummy kena dukung, dukung and dukung :(

Alright all, nak baca buku - The Making Of Mia. My friend recommended this book about a year ago and at that time it was out of stock. It took the bookstores a year to get them. Lamakan?

p/s.. I think hospitals should have reflexlogists or tukang urut lah for mommies who are taking care of their kids. Am so bored, so at least can kill time and at the same time can relax. Or mebbe a hairsalon kat bawah? I think I'll bring this up to Maira's dr later and see what he'll say ;)

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Anonymous said...

gigit pipi dia! ^_^

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