Thursday, April 23, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

What a busy week and still another day to go!

But great news is I'll be on leave tomorrow. Yay! I still have lotsa work stuff to do but I'll do it at home, right after this (promise!). Gotta take leave to bring Baby Maira for follow up at the dr's (I foresee hours of waiting here), nak kena renew passport and buat passport for Maira, then have to settle my car insurance and road tax. Hmm ada lagi ke things to do? I hope not! I really hope I can siapkan semua in a day.. boleh kot *pray* :)

I have just realised that I have been so busy lately that I don't watch TV anymore. I have been missing my favourite American Idol, Desperate Housewives, 90210 (ada lagi ke cerita ni?), Friends, etc. However, the other day when Maira was warded, I did manage to watch lotsa CNN (highlight was Ashton Kutcher & Larry King's twitter race) and a lil bit of AF.. ermm.. I think I'm done la with that show. To me, the only interesting part of this season is the principle's outfit. But oh well, I do remember watching the first three seasons religiously and even voted for some of the students (and my company paid for my phone bill! Shhhhh ;p).

Oooops, past mignight already. I have to prepare a document for next week's press interview. So goodnite people, sleep tight!

p/s.. I am currently sooooo addicted to Subway. I have to have it EVERYDAY. I LOVE the turkey melt with lettuce and tomatoes, and full of messy mustard, thousand island and chili sauce... yummmmm! Ok, I'm hungry!

3 squiggles:

Aleza said...

long live AF! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA~~~~~~~~

the students seriously cannot sing. i repeat CANNOT. lame lah. ughhhhhh

dikwirina said...

ah-hah, where r u taking baby maira? dah nak siap passport dah ni :)

Miss S said...

spore zoo.. hehe!

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