Sunday, April 5, 2009

Formula for Maira

After thinking for a couple of weeks, I decided to take a drive to the nearest supermarket and buy formula for Maira... Yup, finally after months of expressing my milk for Baby, I caved in. Maira's turning 8 months tomorrow and for the first time she will have to consume formula :(

Owh I will still express my milk in the office but only as much as I feel comfortable to for the day. If it's 3 bottles (of 4oz per bottle) then it's 3. Maira takes 5 bottles at the nursery so if it's not enough, she will need to top it up with formula. Usually I will keep on expressing until I produce enough supply but tomorrow onwards, I'll give myself a break. I feel sad but hey I've done my best (don't you think?). I have successfully breastfed Maira exclusively all these while so I should actually give myself a pat in the back but, sigh, why do I feel down?

I had the same feeling when I wanted to wean Audrene off breastmilk. She was 2.5 years old and still on nenen (yes, THAT long!), and I desperately wanted to stop but at the same time I felt bad and sad. She LOVED it so much to the extend that she was addicted to it. Everyone told me that she'd be ok. The dr said usually the mommy will feel sad but it'd be alright for the kid. But still, it was really difficult for me. Finally, after months of unsuccessful tries, I had to go off for 2weeks for work and it was then that Audrene stopped nenen and she was fine :)

I hope I can continue to breastfeed Maira until she's at least 2. I am all for breastfeeding. Sangat menyenangkan especially when traveling and when the baby's sick. It's really convenient at night too. I can't imagine having to wake up everynight to fix a bottle of milk for the kids. And of course, can eat and eat tapi tak gemuk :p

Ok, I should feel better now :)

Also to cheer myself up tadi, I watched Bride Wars. Okla, I like. Laughed a lot and cried a little. Anything with Kate Hudson is worth watching.

Oooh Baby nangis dah. Nak nenen kot :p

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dikwirina said...

don't feel bad or sad shaz, u hv done extremely well, bravo! it's perfectly understandable and supplementing with formula is not a bad thing. maira was on full bm for the whole 8 months of her life! that is super!

heads up mommy!

Miss S said...

thanks supermommy! was sad for the first couple of days but been too busy at the office lately to express byk2. terpaksalah beli formula :(

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