Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pedicure Outing

Audrene woke up this morning and said to Daddy "Daddy, nak pedicure!". The last time she went for a pedicure was when I was pregnant so at least 8 months ago. Lama dah tu. So, as usual, since she has been a good girl this week, ok, it's pedicure for her today. I immediately called and made appointment for THREE - Audrene, Mummy and.... Daddy! Hehe!

We went to Strip at The Curve. I have been there a couple of times and I like it. The girls there are friendly and not pushy. Ya know, paksa-paksa suruh ambik the most expensive package. They don't do that so I like them ;)

Strip also has waxing service... ouchhh...Here are some of the squeeze toys that they sell to those who go there for waxing. They also have SOS cards. Those who are in pain can flash the cards! Creative huh?!

Kakak muka serious while having her session.

After she's done with her pedicure, she insisted for a manicure. In a mood to be pampered la tu. Here's Kakak while waiting for her nails to dry.

Haha... Baby Maira wanted to have her nails done too!

Yikes! NEVER will I go for this (see pix below). Dont care.. 80% off pun won't attract me to try :p

With the kind of service they offer, I think their rates are ok. They charge about 25% extra on guys but no discout for kids :( Some places have cheaper rates for children. I never stick to one place for a mani pedi, and boy, it is hard to find a place that you would be fully happy with. There was one at The Curve but unfortunately it closed down.

I am soooo enjoying a lazy Saturday. As we had our lunch outside, I plan to cook for dinner. Ayam sudah dikeluarkan from the freezer and sikit lagi I will go to the nearby shop for some vege. And tonight... NO SURFING TILL 2AM MUMMY! YOU ARE ALREADY SLEEP DEPRIVED, DARK CIRCLES ARE GETTING DARKER, 12MN MAX! (A little reminder to myself.. huhu).

4 squiggles:

Anonymous said...

I'm a little bit blur; what's a full hard wax BRAZILIANS?

Miss S said...

google it dear ;)

Aleza said...

ouch. ouch i will never ever do a brazilian. takutnya!! i cannot understand why org boleh terpikir nak do a brazilian. NO NO NOOOOOOO SCARYY!!

Miss S said...

the girl kept saying it's for hygiene.. whatever it is the answer is NO WAY!

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