Friday, April 10, 2009


Seriously, people, TGIF!!

What a stressful, stressful week! Let me tell you what happened yesterday. Daddy had to go out of town early morning so I had to send both girls to their respective destinations - Audrene to her kindie and Maira to the nursery. As usual, I was running late. I have to reach the office by 9.15am or else parking will be tough to find. There will be slots in the building alright but the rate is RM30/day. Elk, sapa nak bayar that much!

So I rushed out, breaking a redlight or two, and honking my way through. If it were not for the girls, I would have scrolled down the window and flashed my finger to one car which drove at 25km/hr. Kenapa lah drive slow cam tu. Halfway through my "terrorizing other pedestrians" session, Audrene said "Erm Mummy, where's my homework book?"... Huaaa! Tertinggal! I was so tempted to just proceed to school but, sigh, kesian pulak. Don't want her to feel bad so I made a u-turn and drove back home. Along the way, Adik pooped in the car and started screaming. And when Adik screams, really, you don't want to be there!

Adik didn't stop screaming and kicking and crying when I stopped to pick up Audrene's book. Even Audrene's jokes didn't work. Of course I didn't have time to change her so she continued screaming and kicking and crying until we reached the nursery. I was so relieved when I got there and Adik, too, was happy for she immediately stopped crying and gave her kakak nursery a big wide grin. She, btw, adores her kakaks there.

So it was already 8.50am and I was still in Damansara. How la to sampai Pavilion (that's where my office is) by 9.15?? I was just about to zoom to Audrene's kindy when she said "Saya hungry la Mummy." Terpaksalah singgah kedai to buy her breakfast. When I finally sent her off, it was nearly 9.00am but luckily the traffic was fine. By 9.20am I managed to grab one of the last few parking spots and secured the RM7 flatrate. Phew!

But that was just by 9.20am. What I had to face at work is another story. And today, more *drama*. So that's why this week, I am really shouting "TGIF!!!"

Well, goodnite, everyone. I would like to continue "destressing" by surfing the net for great bargains. Have a great weekend cos I know I will ;)

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Anonymous said...

aalaa baru nk baca the drama part dah abes T_T

Aleza said...

hellooooooo im here :)

Miss S said...

u r back? yay!

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