Monday, April 13, 2009

Kerja oh Kerja

Today marks the beginning of my fourth month at my new office. So far it has been alright. True, not every day ended perfectly (well, not even close to being perfect sebenarnya) but I do my best. After a decade of working, I have been through really, really tough situations that help me with whatever I am facing now.

I don't know why but of late I find myself thinking of the things that I went through during my decade-long working life. The many people I met, the many bosses I reported to, the many penyanyi, pelakon I terpaksa layan (elk), the many outstations and the oh so many late nights. Macam2! I was once an executive at a TV station and biasalah bila executive tu they won't allow to naik aeroplane masa outstaion (terukkan?). Only managers naik aeroplane so when we traveled within Peninsular Malaysia, we had to naik really buruk punya van. No radio, aircon pun selalu rosak. But I never complained because I had so much fun. The people was most of the time great. Everyone was happy-go-lucky. Most were a bunch of singletons, creative and vibrant. So all we would be doing were gelak2, ketawa2 and makan2. Gosh, that was aeons ago but never will I ever forget the fun memories.

Then later, after years of experience, I felt confident to venture out from the TV station for a bigger role. I was also tired of being in the entertainment industry. I felt that I couldn't learn anymore. Then just at the right time I was headhunted and almost immediately I said goodbye to my TV friends and started a job in a totally foreign industry to me (back then). After all the excitement at the TV station with all the craziness and lawak jenaka yang tiada hadnya (heheh!), I thought the new job was a bore. I felt everyone was so 'formal'. With the totally different culture for me to adapt to, I felt lost and homesick. I knew I didn't make a mistake for leaving the glitzy worklife but I couldn't help feeling disappointed with the new job so I started looking for something else :(

That was then when I stumbled upon my previous job which I thought was great. I liked the people, I liked the job (well, the job is usually the same everywhere - communications - but there I had a lot of freedom to do as I wish) and I extremely liked the industry cos I learnt SO many new things. The job opened my eyes to a whole new perspective in life and I got to work with people from many walks of life. From petani to the professors and even the minister. Indeed a great experience for me. From there too I met this really obnoxious, mean f*t a** who I labeled as the meanest and rudest person on earth. However, having met this person, though it was a BAD experience, it did add one point to my resume - that is working in an impossible situation (yes, impossible because this person could not speak, she only yelled and screamed, AND she made me sleep for only TWO HOURS for a WHOLE WEEK in the US - I will remember this forever).

Why did I leave? The team that I was in suddenly became smaller coz my colleagues left hence my annual leave was most of the time frozen. There was once when I couldn't go on leave for a good 7 months and was even called for work during public holidays. Many times my leave had to be canceled and this was during my pregnancy. Nasib baik I did yoga jadi I could manage my anger well and tak meletup. Thank God, I went through my pregnancy safely with no MC at all - at least for the first 6 months (well how to MC when there were so many things to do :p). After I delivered Baby Maira, I started thinking about looking for a new job. Main reason was because of the traveling. And second because I really didn't like the idea of my annual leave being frozen or canceled. I nak pegi holiday jugak. And like orang tua2 kata "rezeki anak", just at the right time (again!) I was headhunted and happily I left for this current job of mine :)

Wahh.. Can't believe I have written sooo panjang about my job. Ooops Audrene is already mad at me because she wants to check out her favourite cupcake sites. I'll go now then. I am not going to edit what I just rambled about. Ngantuk dah so excuse the typos ya. Goodnite!

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