Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After spending 4 days and 3 nights at DSH, we were discharged at 9pm last night tapi paperwork took another 2 hours so we were FINALLY out of the hospital at 11pm. Kesian Audrene cos she was waiting patiently for us to pick her up from grandparents' since 7pm. By the time we sampai rumah Tok Mak, she was already fast asleep.

Back to Baby Maira, she's still coughing so dr gave her a big plastic bag full of meds. Maira doesn't like taking her ubat, puffs and nose drops. Everytime nak bagi ubat she'll cry and cry but what to do sweetheart, we want you to be in the pink of health so boleh main2 dengan kakak.

Anyway, I am soooo happy to be back at home. I hope both Kakak and Adik will stay healthy. It's no fun staying at the hospital. I was so bored that I sempat shopping2 at the pharmacy at the lobby, check out all the booths which were selling insurance, honey, etc, borak2 will the rest of the bored mommies at the ward and even one ex-minister and his wife who were at the hospital to visit their friend.

Alright everyone. Have a great week ahead. I am super busy at the office but I am liking it. Goodnite!

2 squiggles:

Anonymous said...

sempat shopping dekat the pharmacy.. hebat! haha -__-

Miss S said...

so boring there, nothing to do and no one to talk to (except maira) jadi apa lagi, pharmacy kat lobby pun jadi lah. hehe.. nasib tak accept credit card or else the damage wld have been more severe!

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