Friday, April 24, 2009

I Rasa Pelik

...why do people choose to be rude and unpleasant when it is so much easier to be nice and polite? Don't they feel that being angry and awful consume more energy and raise more stress hence increasing their risk to get scary and deadly illnesses like cancer and heart attack?

Smiling on the other hand releases endorphins hence making the "smilers" feel happy and upbeat. Less energy consumed too when smiling thus can spare more energy on something more worthwhile like... err... buat cupcake? Also, I bet you'll sleep better at night if you smile more and frump less.

Muka pun lebih cantik and manis.

I am writing this because I seem to be interacting with more angry people lately. Usually I will grit my teeth and still speak to them nicely but this morning I lost my cool. Ada terkeluar sikit geram while answering a really rude remark. So now I can't sleep. Grrrrr!

I wish I am the type who can lose my temper gracefully and utter just the right sarcastic replies. Unfortunately I am not. Bila I marah, teramatlah buruknya so I can't afford to lose my cool in public. Because if I do, it means lepas tu I have to wear a brown paperbag to cover my face sebab tersangat malu. So I think I am getting myself a stress ball jadi whenever I speak to rude sarcastic people I will squeeze the darn ball with hope I tak lose my temper. What do you think? Ok tak?

Erghhh.. I've done it again!! I REALLY have to get back to work!!!!

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Aleza said...

haih. people can be such a pain in the a** now. ughhhh. tell me about it. alah kak, buat x dengar je. buat blur. hehehe. thats what i do. "ha.. tak dengar la.. u ckp ngan i ke?" heheheh :D

Miss S said...

nag nag nag.. isyy sedarlah sikit yg suara nyaring and garang buat i pening... hahahahhaha

dikwirina said...

yang lagi teruk kan miss s if that particular person is your own close relative. walaupun sakit hati/geram/sedih/marah/nyampah/benci/tak tahan have to endure endure endure year in year out macam rasa nak meletopppp!!

intheocean said...

hahahhaha...shaz, you're so funny! i can see you getting all pissed off...get one of those stress balls yang ada squeak tu. so when you are getting stressed-up by people you can go on a super-squeeze mode depan muka they all, sort of like an early warning system.

miss you!

Miss S said...

miss u too, jueya :(

everytime lalu depan yr house mesti panther tanya how u r there. i said owh she's having fun.. hehe

Miss S said...

satu hari betul2 meletop baru terkejut diorang kan dikwi. so rude! elkh!

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